Monday, October 17, 2011

snuggle time

Less than two weeks from now, tickets in hand, my oldest daughter and I plan to go to the Steven Curtis Chapman/Andrew Peterson/Josh Wilson concert.  To say we're looking forward to it is an understatement...we're stoked!

To help us get ready, Mike surprised me last week with Andrew Peterson's more recent album "Counting Stars."  We have most of his older music, and love it!  As is tradition, we curled up on the couch together to listen through the new album, lyrics in hand, sharing our thoughts song by song as they played.  I love any opportunity for snuggle time with my man!  Add good music, and it just gets even better. Andrew is poetic and is able to convey truth through stories and song in a way that reaches me...we both found much to enjoy on this new CD.

Steven sings a song to Mary Beth, his wife, to remind her she is changing the world one little heart beat at a time.  Andrew wrote the same theme from a different angle in his "Planting Trees" encouraged to change the world, to plant trees...snuggle up with someone you love and listen to this:

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