Saturday, June 9, 2012


Our annual camping trip with church family and friends is coming up quickly.  It has been our tradition for many years to make homemade pepperoni to take as snacks, but this year meat prices have been so high that I was ready to call it quits.  My kiddos were not so quick to throw in the towel.  How they teach me! They opted instead to pray, one after the other on Monday morning, that God would provide us with a good meat sale.  Instead of only seeing an obstacle, they saw an opportunity that they could talk to our Father about. Tuesday I brought in the paper with the ads, opened up to Safeway's and found this:
Do you think there just may have been a little whooping and hollering of praise be to God going on at our house?  

Very early the next morning, Paul (my early riser!) and I scooted out of the house while Daddy and the girls slept so we could go buy our much desired meat in time to get it prepped and in the dehydrator.

 "Mom, can I have a turn to make the sticks?"

"Sure, son."
 This year, the tradition is more than is an answer to prayer. 

God can use something as simple as pepperoni to grow our delight in Him, 
the One who hears
and answers prayers.
Blessed be His name!