Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Good morning,
A hearty congratulations to the Wright's who just received another precious blessing from the Lord!  May the wisdom and patience and grace and overflowing love of our Savior be yours as you begin your journey with Joanna Faith.

Our children are gifts indeed, and raising them up for the glory of our God is among the greatest privileges He gives us.  We are unequal to the task, and yet He entrusts us with little ones who we will impact so profoundly that when I think about it much, it overwhelms me.  Parenting moves me to my knees in a way no other job ever has, and there, before my Heavenly Father, clinging to Christ, I find the grace and strength I so desperately need.  We do not know our own hearts entirely, but I do know that it is my prayer regularly that God would unite mine to fear His name.  I know I am "prone to wander, prone to leave the God I love"; daily I am constrained to be a debtor to God's amazing grace...so I pray "let Thy goodness, like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to Thee."  Parents, join me at His throne of grace...how can any of us raise our children up for the glory of the Lord, if His glory isn't our own consuming passion?

His Word is a lamp unto our feet!  I know this; yet how often do I attempt to stumble around in the dark while forsaking the light He provides?  Ugh!  Let's encourage each other in this arena friends.  Let's ask each other what we've been reading and what God has been teaching us and how it has increased our joy in Him.

God also gives us flesh and blood help along the way too.  He gives us friends who listen and counsel and encourage and correct...how thankful I am to God for the ones He has given to me!  You know who you are and I love you! 

And He often throws in resources to aid our journey as well.  I want to share one that we've found helpful with you. It is a company named Doorposts, owned and operated by a family at our church.  I have been a proofreader for Pam for many years so when I disappear for a week or so, like I did this last month, it just might be because I have locked myself in my office to proof something.  Here is a little video that will give you some idea of what they are about:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blessing or Burden? Does our life display the truth of God?

I grew up in what is considered by many to be a large family, the youngest of eleven children.  I think it is downright funny when I enter a store with my THREE children and get comments about how I must certainly have my hands full with "all those kids."  Hmmm...

My children, by the grace of God, all have functioning ears and they hear the comments people make.  They all came to me one day recently to ask "Why do people always say you must have your hands full when they see us Mommy?" I told them my guess is that people just know how much work kids are.  And they are!  But my question for them to think about was whether work was a good thing or bad?  We read about how the Lord created everything in six days, and rested the seventh; and how we are to imitate Him.  Then we  looked up verses about how children are arrows in the hands of a warrior, an heritage, a blessing, etc.  I reaffirmed the pleasure and privilege it is for me to do the work of raising these beautiful children up to know and serve the God who made us all.  None of this was new information to my kids, but it was foundational for the discussion which followed.

You see, they had not only repeatedly heard the words, they've discerned the differences in delivery.  Why is it that some people make this statement with a smile, and others speak the very same words but with pity?  These are such teachable moments!  They are learning that communication involves more than spoken words.  The smiling folks send the message that they know or remember the workload of raising little ones, but they have fond memories of the task...children are a blessing and a work to engage in with joy.  The pitying people, communicate via their tone and expression that they feel sorry for me being strapped down by these kids...kids are a burden.  And we all "hear" more than the words, do we not?

My kids are learning that there are worldviews behind what people say and do.  It is true that raising children is hard work, but the communication doesn't just say THAT...it also gives us hints as to what the persons view of work is.  We live in a society of people that generally speaking want freedom, travel, pleasures of every kind, comforts, etc...but they don't want to work.  At best, work is seen as the necessary evil to getting what is wanted.  So those people who believe God, who take hold of whatever He puts into their hand to do and does it for His glory with all their might, SHINE.

Jesus said (Matt 5:14-16): "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

Fellow parents...be encouraged to love on your children, pointing them daily to Jesus and displaying your own delight in walking with Him.  Engage in the good God-given work of raising them up for His glory in such a way that they and all the world know that God is telling the truth when He says they are a blessing.  I have more to say on this next time....