Saturday, June 4, 2011

What time is it?

Let's see what time it is....hmmm...not quite yet, but soon - very soon, it will be time to celebrate a very special young lady's birthday!  Okay, truth be known we started to celebrate today even though Bekah will not officially be 9 years old until tomorrow (technically, she was born in Korea and it is already the 5th there, so maybe it is her birthday...tricky, eh?).  This is Bekah sporting her new watch...notice it is light blue, which just happens to be her favorite color.

We've had a fun day in 85 degree sunshine...our first really warm day of the season.  It started with Paul's t-ball game, and then when we came home the water guns came out.  Within minutes we had three very soaked and happily squealing kids chasing each other through the yard. The laughter and lightheartedness of it all -- I totally loved it!

After cleaning up, we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner which B chose -- yummy pull-a-part chicken, savory cheesy potatoes, a Caesar salad, and some fresh from the oven homemade buttermilk rolls.  We all agreed she has good taste!

And what is a birthday celebration without presents?  I suppose it is possible, but we've yet to try it.  Our tradition is to give gifts equal in number to age until they are 10 so Bekah surrounded herself with her pile of gifts and began opening them.  She was pretty excited about the watch shown above, but maybe even more so about this silver chain:

She has a heart pendant from a previous birthday that she's been LONGING to wear again, but her other chain broke...the look on her face was precious when she opened this.

None of us are big cake lovers so we opted years ago to pick a dessert of choice...we've enjoyed donuts, apple pie, ice cream cake, Dairy Queen blizzards, cheesecake and other things, but I don't think any of us have ever chosen cake since we offered an option.  Bekah's choice this year was chocolate dipped Drumstick ice cream cones...simple, yet delicious! 

At the end of the little family party, she wanted me to take a picture of her with all her presents around her...the other two jumped in and smooched her on the cheeks (which is NOT typical, but Paul and MJ thought of it at the same time and threw themselves on her... it gave us all reason to have a good laugh).
So, in just a few short hours, my sweet 8 year old will be 9.  And what a fine 9 year old I suspect she'll be!
We love you Bekah Boo!
We are so glad you are a part of our family.