Sunday, October 23, 2011

Power Thought #8

God meets all my needs abundantly.
[Unlabeled quotes are taken from the book Power Thoughts, by Joyce Meyer.]
This chapter is an encouragement to trust that God does and will continue to faithfully "provide whatever we need in every situation."  My mind springboards to question: Do I believe that?  All the time?  Oh that I would.  How about you? 

I often refer to a quote by Thomas Watson from his book, All Things for Good: "If it is good for us, we shall have it; if it is not good for us, then the withholding of it is good."  In the big picture, when we look back through the clear lens of glory, I am convinced that we will be in full agreement with God that He indeed was, is, and always will be wholly good and that He provided faithfully and abundantly everything we needed in every situation while He gave us breath on this earth.  But how do we fully agree NOW, while yet in this broken world filled with sin (ours and others) that blinds our eyes to His glory, His goodness and His perfect provision?  By faith!  By choosing to see His provision via the lens of His Word, not by the discontent longings of our deceived hearts that have believed the serpent's tongue.

I wrestle.  The power thought is worthy to say out loud, and to labor to weave into the warp and woof of my being.  It's needful.  God does indeed meet all my needs abundantly, and yet so often I don't take care to see it.  I don't take time to thank Him, like the 9 lepers who failed to return after He healed them (Luke 17). Our "grace-sleuth" game is helping (referred to in this post)...helping me to notice what God so graciously gives.  

I read the words in this power thought chapter and in between the author's words, God grafted many others from various sources, and He brought clarity to my mind.  Though parts of this chapter were helpful, I flinched at other parts.  That's okay.  In every book I read, I try to glean what is edible and dismiss that which would not be good to consume.

And as I glean, I find God feeding me, reminding me that He IS good, and He DOES meet all my needs abundantly.  I want to walk with eyes of faith...will you join me in trusting the goodness of our Father to meet all our needs according to the riches of His grace?  

We can glean from the crop of man-books, but we can feast upon God's Word where every bite is nourishment for the are a few passages that will help us put on the power thought "God meets all my needs abundantly."
Phil. 4:14-20
Deut. 8 (all)
Ps. 84:11
2 Cor. 9:6-11
Ps. 36:5-10

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