Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Dinner filled with love

This morning, my son Paul prayed and asked God to help us have a good Thanksgiving.  Though he was confusing his holidays, I said a hearty amen...every day is a good day to give thanks because God has poured His grace out on us!  And, truth be told, every day is a good day to love for the same reason, be it Valentine's Day or any other.  And today was filled with both at our house.   Love and Thanksgiving ~ this is resurrection living! To God be all glory!!!

Check out these decorations (a few of the many that are all over our house) that our kiddos made:

MJ setting our dinner table:

Bekah preparing heart shaped garlic cheese rolls and an apple crisp:

Mike brought each of his ladies a rose, which helped to adorn the table:

MJ made up menus for Mike and I:

Meet Paul, our very handsome server:

And the two most beautiful hostess's on the planet:

We were called to the table...

 Here we come...

Dinner is served:

The kids had a blast decorating and preparing all the food, and we felt totally blessed to receive their outpouring of love and labors.  They also cheerfully cleaned everything up before we all snuggled up together to watch Ice Station Zebra.  What a wonderful day, and now I hope to go enjoy a bit of the night before sleep calls my name.  

Days like this just make me fall on my knees in thanks to the God who rescues and redeems.  God answered Paul's prayer...it has indeed been a good day of thanksgiving.

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  1. What a Feast of Love and Thanksgiving! :)
    To God be the Glory for His many Blessings!