Sunday, September 12, 2010

Enjoying the Banquet of Grace

I will return to our study A Banquet of Grace next time, Lord willing, but today I want to simply share the enjoyment of the banquet of grace God provided us this week by way of a camping trip.  We journeyed to Fort Stevens with our friends, the Adams and the Niemans, for a few wonder-filled days.

 Can you camp and not roast hot dogs? 

During a brief rain shower, the kids grabbed a deck of Uno and played 
(notice some of them still wearing their bike helmets, ready for the sun to shine again any minute)

All the kiddos posing in front of Fort Steven's, 
the only military installation in the continental United States 
to receive hostile fire during World War II.

Overlooking the Columbia River, 
this Fort was part of a Three Fort Harbor Defense System 
built to defend the mouth of the Columbia River  

 My peeps!  I love that God has knitted my life together with theirs.

Showing off one of the guns...we all learned the difference between guns and canons on this tour.  
I thought anything big was a canon, but not so.

Climbing around on another gun.

The army truck tour...a bit bumpy, but good.

Back at the campgrounds, roasting marshmallows for s'mores...yum!

Riding in the back of the pick up truck on our way to Coffenbury Lake, 
Bekah and I attempted a self-portrait...
it is the only picture of myself the whole trip so I thought I better include it. 

Looking out at Coffenbury Lake, 
where we enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch.

 A highlight for Bekah 
was being able to run 2 miles on the beach with Mrs. Nieman...
she LOVES to run! 

Chasing waves, or being chased by waves...
either way, it was a GREAT day down on the beach.

We came home with over a hundred pictures, but these give you a taste of our week together.  Food, fun and absolutely delightful time of tasting and seeing the goodness of our Lord together with friends, seeing prayers answered, playing, praying, relaxing, singing, eating...rain and shine, we're thankful that God gave us this banquet of grace to enjoy.  There were nine children on this trip and they ALL have moms and dads who are loving them, protecting them, providing for them, teaching them, and raising them up to know and love the God who made them.  Whether homegrown or grafted, this is a testimony to God's grace!  As the mother of the three who were grafted into our family, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God!  His mercy amazes me!


  1. Oh what a fun trip!!! Looks like everyone had a blast! :)

  2. Did you meet any nice camping neighbors? :-)

  3. Go Bekah, go!

    We'll have to fit in a trip to Fort Stevens if only to let the boys climb all over that great big gun. My wouldn't they love that!