Thursday, August 12, 2010

Psalm 27:13

My hubby and I went to a bookstore called Monergism to check it out on Tuesday.  Mike can go into a bookstore to simply look.  Amazing!  Me, on the other hand, think of browsing without being able to buy as somewhat like going to Disneyland without being able to go on any of the rides.  And as anyone who knows us might expect, Mike left with no books and I left with five "deeply discounted" ones.  I jumped right into one by Paul David Tripp titled A SHELTER IN THE TIME OF STORM: MEDITATIONS ON GOD AND TROUBLE, and want to share a piece of it with you.  I hope you enjoy this snippet that I intend to chew on all day.

My one clarifying thought is that I wholeheartedly believe the LORD graciously reveals Himself in His word and we are not free to remake Him according to our imaginations...theology and principles and worldview do matter in the journey of getting to know Him as He really is.  So when I chew on this poem with its beautiful emphasis on the LORD, I'm not aligning myself with the "no creed but Christ" crew that forsakes creed for a Christ of their imagination...I want God as He reveals Himself to be in His holy word....He is and He is Who He is and He is good.

"I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living!" - Psalm 27:13

"I have one place of confidence,
one place of rest
and peace
and hope,
I have one place of surety,
where courage
can be found
and strength
waits for the taking.
I have one place of wisdom
where foolishness wanes
and truth grants freedom.
Alone I am not confident,
no pride in strength
or knowledge
or character.
I know who I am,
the duplicity of my heart,
the weakness of resolve,
the covert disloyalty
that makes me susceptible
to temptation's hook.
I have one place of confidence;
it isn't a theology
a book
a set of principles
a well-researched observation
a worldview.
No, my confidence is in YOU.
You are my hope because
You are Good.
I rest in the goodness of Your
in the goodness of Your
in the goodness of Your
in the goodness of Your
in the goodness of Your
in the goodness of Your
in the goodness of Your
I have learned
and am learning
that the physical delights
of the created world
were not designed to be
the source
and hope
of my confidence.
No, all of those things
in their temporary elegance
were meant to be
that point me to the
always available
always holy
goodness that can only be found
in You.
I have learned
and I am learning
that confident living
always rests its foundation
on You.
I a m confident
because of this solitary thing,
You are
and You are good."


  1. What a great reminder. Needed that. Thank you friend. <3

  2. Amen and amen. I am confident because of THIS solitary thing...You are, and You are good." Awesome.

  3. A MUCH needed reminder!! Thank you! <3