Monday, August 2, 2010

borrowed nuggets on modesty and leadership

I was popping around blog-ville this morning and came across some posts by Nancy Wilson that I thought worthy of consideration so I am passing them along.  There are a variety of nuggets within to chew on in these short posts.

Here they are in order:
Beach Treats, posted by Nancy Wilson
More on Beach Wear, posted by Nancy Wilson
Sons and Swimwear, posted by Nancy Wilson in which she also refers to a related article by her husband Doug Wilson titled Shanky Movie III
And lastly, at least so far, a post by her daughter Rebekah called Popping In

I have a sneakin' suspicion that there is a wide array of opinions and practice among my particular readers, but one thing I know about those who I know read this blog is that you are Jesus-lovers and wanting to grow in His likeness.  There may be something for each of us to glean here...I'd like to hear your thoughts on these if you take a few minutes to read them.


  1. AMEN & HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did Bible Studies with our camp staff this summer on every man's/woman's battle, purity, and marriage. Sometimes tough to hear, but OH SOOOO NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good reads. Chewing on them yes. My daughter did bring her bikini to Oregon. More after I chew and discuss with the husband. Nothing I haven't heard before.....just a continual discussion in this house.

  3. I read those last week. Boy did they generate lots of discussion! My girls wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini and up until recently one of my daughters would have worn a burka if she could. That was taking modesty too far :) we had to discuss a heart issue there.

    Likewise I have never put a bikini on any of my toddlers although there is nothing cuter than a naked toddler tummy. I think this stuff needs to be talked about more in our present day culture.

  4. Well... I could have a bit too say.. Obviously it's something we've changed on a little over time.

    I read Nancy's bikini article a little while ago. But the funny thing is, I read another article (by a lesser known blogger) who wrote almost the same thing about jeans. My girls have never worn a bikini, but we have gone back to wearing jeans. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to think.

  5. I don't buy everything this person says, but I do like the emphasis on responsibility for both male and female...

  6. Here is another post that I found helpful: