Monday, June 7, 2010

Bekah's birthday

My Sweet Rebekah is now 8 years old...
We have been doing a little celebrating around here this week.  Rebekah has a friend who is like a second pea in the same pod, affectionately called Sarah Goose by us.  She and her sister came to spend the night and they had a grand ole time together until the wee hours of morning.   Daddy took Paul out for a "man's night" and us girls had a whole evening of girlie glory.

Rebekah wanted to frost her own cupcakes.

Our Friday School friends celebrated during our lunch break with more desserts and presents...woo hoo!

Then on her actual birthday, we celebrated as a family with a tradition all of our children enjoy...through their 10th birthday, they get one present from mom and dad per year old they are.  So here you see Bekah waiting with anticipation to open her stash:

One of the gifts was a necklace with a heart pendant which she was showing off to Grandma (the two of them spent the morning shopping together while the other kids and I got ready for our family party...the fun just keeps a-comin'):
One of the beautiful things about our Rebekah is her giving spirit.  She is a generous soul and she took her Daddy a little by surprise this year.  Just about every birthday that comes up, he will jokingly ask "what are you going to buy me for your birthday?"  Of course, we all know he's joking, but this year Bekah bought him something while out shopping with Grandma.  Paul had a sword and now Daddy has one too:
Happy birthday are a beautiful, generous, Jesus-loving 8 year old and I am soooooooo pleased that God added you to our number.  You are a daily reminder of God's goodness.


  1. Oh, my goodness!!! Bekah is 8 already??? Where DOES the time go? Please give her birthday wishes and hugs from Auntie B.