Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks for the flowers

I weeded the front flower bed today, and guess what I found?  Some sweet little flowers that I hadn't planted. 

The undesirables in the beds were weeded out, but the lovely were nurtured and watered with the hope that they will continue to share their beauty. 

Weeding time is almost always meditation time for me (precious time to chew on whatever God is teaching me). I love these quiet times with ample food for thought provided by the activity itself.  Today when I began to notice a number of flowers sown by the wind or some critter in my front beds, I paused and gave thanks to my Father for adding them by His own choice of means.  They made me think of the sweet influences of so many people who love my children and take the time to sow various seeds of godliness into the soil of their hearts.  My children are a large part of the garden of my life, and they are beautiful by God's grace, treasures and joys for sure.  Like the precious flowers found today, I know that I am not the only one planting here so thank you to all of you who help make their lives and mine more beautiful.  And thanks be to God for accepting our planting and watering, and giving the increase.

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