Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Defending and Celebrating Life, a gift from God

Under His Wings team

This year for the Steps for Life, MJ and Bekah and Paul joined up with three of their friends to form a walking team.  Together they were able to raise $4,750 to help the Pregnancy Resource Centers be able to reach out with compassion and truth to those who come into their offices seeking help.  It is an amazing ministry, and we were glad to be able to play a part in helping.  Thank you to all of you who sponsored them and/or prayed for them.  YOU also played a part.  We are the body of Christ, working together.

Isn't the mercy of our Father amazing?  He paid the ransom for sinners like us, adopted us into His family, gave us His Spirit and allows us the joys of working together in events like this to help thousands of people.  Thousands?  Yes.  Think about it.  We do because each of our children are adopted and each of them had birth mothers that had to make a choice to carry them to full term.  If they had made a different choice, they would not be here affecting lives all around them, being the blessings that they are.  And because each of their birthmom's made the choice of life, they do not have to live the rest of their lives with the regret of having killed their child in the womb.  The choice a woman makes when facing an unplanned pregnancy affects her and the child, and many others for the rest of their lives.  Helping even one woman (compassion, practical help, truth), when you consider the ripple effects, can in turn bless hundreds of people.  This team, with your help, and the labors of the volunteers at the Pregnancy Resource Centers, have worked to help many women, and by God's grace, we will continue to do so, which in turn really does affect thousands.  

Here are a few pics from the day for you to enjoy...
Getting ready to walk

After the walk, top fund-raisers were named.  The other team members could not physically be at the walk due to a wedding planned the same day (though they did do a two mile walk a different day), so our kids represented the team when it was announced that they were the NUMBER ONE fundraisers for the 5-12 age category.  Yeah team!  Way to go! Here they are, posing with Larry Gadbaugh, CEO of PRC.

We could not think of a better way to end the day than to take a drive to Salem to visit our friends, the Murray's, who had just given birth the day before to their son Micah John.  My MJ was thrilled to now have a little friend with the same initials as herself...while we chatted, they bonded.  Life is precious, and Micah John is a much prayed for, desired, gift from God.  We were thrilled to get to go celebrate his life with our friends.

What is a day of celebration without ice cream?
I do not think my kids know the answer to that!

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