Friday, January 6, 2012

Sprocket is home.

My family brought a puppy home yesterday, a little male fluff of energy we named Sprocket.  He's half Westhighland Terrier, half Toy Poodle, otherwise known as a WestiePoo.  My hubby grew up with a dog, but this is a first for me and the kiddos.

All three kids are playing with Sprocket and getting smothered with kisses.  Laughter has been filling the air for hours.  We're all amazed to see the difference between yesterday and today....moving from somewhat reserved to downright playfully aggressive.  The kids have been setting up obstacle courses for him and throwing a ball to see him figure out how to get to it...he seems to be a smart little guy. [Note: these pics were taken yesterday so the obstacles are not shown here.]

The Lord gave us some stretches of sunshine between rain showers yesterday that allowed us to take him outside for playtime...

For the inquiring minds, he is doing good in the potty department, learning where we want him to go outside.  He went to bed in his crate without a peep for a few hours, then whined for a 10 minute stretch after being taken out for a potty break, then zonked back out for 6 more hours, waking up happy and playful.  Not bad at all for a first night in our estimation.

My guess is that school (in terms of reading, writing, arithmetic) for us in the next few days is going to largely happen during puppy naps, but learning is always happening and I think this puppy is going to teach us some important lessons that can't be learned in the books. 

With thankfulness to God for this good gift, we're off to the next lesson...


  1. Oh my goodness he is a big ball a fluff!! What an adorable dog and I love the name! Enjoy your new family member.

  2. HE is ADORABLE he he he.....I always grew up with a dog! So Jason let me have 2 - one outdoors and one indoors :) Oh and a cat and a couple of gerbils :)

  3. He's very cute! My kids (especially Gilead) LOVE having a dog. Though I must admit that, given the fact that I have three tiny children, were mom not here I would probably forget to feed and water her...

  4. He's pretty cute! Looks like so much fun - enjoy! Great name, too.