Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Camp 2010

For about 20 years now, we have had the almost yearly joy of gathering with fellow Christians from our church and beyond in a camp environment where we feast and play and fellowship and learn from God's Word and sing together.  What a blessing!  Thank you Father for giving us a time to be refreshed and strengthened for the good works You've prepared for us to walk in.

Today's post will mostly be pictures, simply sharing our week at camp with you.  We arrived at Twin Rocks on a Sunday evening and after unpacking our things, we headed down to the beach to behold the above gorgeous sunset.  What a lovely way to begin our time together.

A campfire on the beach

Bekah and her friend found Big Foot on one of our hikes.

MJ simply looking beautiful in the dining hall

Our friend Miwaza caught us doing a little smooching on the beach.  I'm not usually fond of kissing pictures, but for some reason I like this one.  Maybe it is because Miwaza is such an amazing photographer.  Though the rest of the pictures were taken by moi, Miwaza gets credit for the above picture of MJ too.  Thanks was SO MUCH FUN seeing you again this year. 

Bekah and Paul among the kids learning some things about gymnastics
(correction: I didn't take this picture either, but I can't remember whose face book I borrowed it from...thank you to whichever friend took this)

Our three kiddos having a grand time playing in the water

Bekah up to bat in a softball game

Mike helping with a track meet and MJ cheering other kids on after she just won first place in two races...
woo hooooo!

Bekah and Paul playing miniature golf

Some people are gorgeous even when soaked
...Bekah is one of them.

Paul spent an amazing amount of time sword fighting his friend Jared...what a hoot they were to watch.

Our kids were on a sand sculpting team that created this Jonah being swallowed scene.

Paul competing in the long jump...this boy can fly!

Paul, and his buddy Paul drying off in the sun.
(yes, we have a lot of Paul squared around here)

Paul and his friend Jacob
 waiting cheerfully for some food.

Tradition at the end of camp is to go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream on the way home...
our camp folks pretty much take over the place before we part ways, each on their journey back to their dwellings to slay their very own laundry dragon.

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you can see more pics, but these ones give you a taste.  It was a much needed time of rest and play and refreshment for us this year; a growing experience in many ways.  We are thankful.


  1. Oh, I always LOVED family camp, except when we lost a child or two.... Miss it and you.

  2. Miwaza is such an amazing photographer.

    Those pictures are sooo camp. It looks like you guys dived in to the full. :)

  3. So. Much. Fun. Maybe I should set a more realistic goal of two years for these East Coast Shubins to make it. :) With our FIVE children. ;)

  4. Oh, it's so good to see the wonderful photos of God's beautiful creatures and creation! Thanks for sharing, and so thankful you had a good time! We're so thankful for the years we were able to attend - sweet, sweet memories! - Janet in Colorado

  5. Looks like a great refreshing time!!!! Love the photos :)