Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Art camp - paid in full

The kids and I were talking this morning about how God provides for everything He calls us to do and I related that to their experience with us, their earthly mom and dad.  My girls, for example, have been going to an art camp every day this week. We signed them up for art camp, provided the supplies needed, covered the cost of instruction, and expect them to go and learn all they can while there, representing Christ well in how they listen, learn and interact.  They came up with other examples like: We expect them to eat; we provide the food...yep, check. We expect them to cover their naked bodies; we give them clothes...another yep.  And so on.

If this is true of us, how much more true is it of our Father?  He gives us the very air we breath and the abilities and resources needed to do the tasks He puts into our hands.  That is true whether the task He calls us to is small or great. Has there ever been a time when our Father has called us to something and not provided the means by which to do it?  Why, oh why, do we fret?

In the comments section, lets encourage one another by leaving stories of times when God proved faithful even in the midst of your worries.    One of the joys of blog-ville is getting to know each other.. if you read this blog, and haven't done so already, would you click one of the "follow" buttons on the left so I can know who you are pretty please?  Thanks. 


  1. I thought I was already a follower but I guess I wasn't. Hmm. Fixed that. Provision - I'm thinking this is daily here at our house. Specifically though I remember when David lost his job and how flipped out I was. Instead it was part of Gods bigger picture in actually PROVIDING for our adoption of Silas.

    Or lets look at our move here- so not my idea but totally and obviously EXACTLY where God wanted us and the provision of that move was HUGE. He even gave us instant friends!

  2. By the way, my commenting is overdue...I've loved your last couple of posts!!

    Oh, but as to provision...right after marriage, when Joe decided to be obedient and answer God's call to ministry, we didn't know how we'd pay for seminary. We were committed to no debt. God (in a way that would take too long to explain but--trust me--only God gets the credit) provided our first year of school costs as well as apartment deposits, etc. And literally, a week before we moved to school!! We will never forget His provision and the way His timing was so perfect.

    Oh and I'll second Erica's---they moved here "for such a time as this"!!! God knew EXACTLY what He was doing!!

    Oh and now a follower...I've been a stalker but follower does have a nicer ring to it. : )

  3. I remember one time we had a dentist bill due to the tune of $500. Brian was unemployed at the time and we had no money. We prayed but didn't tell anyone about it. Low and behold exactly $500 showed up in our mailbox anonymously. Praise God who hears us!