Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the air as I write this...

My plan was to write the post for Power Thought 3 tonight, but instead I want to share a few pictures from earlier today and ask you to join us in praying for our friends, the Niemans.  They left this morning for S. Korea where they plan to live for 2 years.
I will so miss Mira! 
Our families have schooled together for 2 years (1x weekly), 
vacationed together for the past 3 years,
and just plain like to be together.
The whole family will be sorely missed,
but I trust God has lead them to go.
It was a mix of excitement and sadness today.

Here are my kiddos with hers 
(from left to right, we see 
my Rebekah, her Leah, my MJ, my Paul, and her Jesse) 

Mira and Ryan checking their baggage in.  

Our fellow co-op "sisters" were there too...
an international bunch to be sure.  
Melodie and I were born in America, 
but Sonila (on the far left) grew up in Albania 
and Mira was raised in S. Korea. 
We love the multi-cultural interaction 
as we all seek to follow Jesus,
the One who reigns over all the nations!

Enjoying our final moments together, 
at least for a season.

 The girls' group shot ;-)

The boys' group shot ;-)

And the family of four are off...

Will you join me in praying for their safe travel, for God's peace and leading as they transition in so many ways as a family, and for fruitfulness in their time there...that God would be pleased to work in and through them for His glory?

Thank you,

ps...We decided to start taking two weeks instead of one on the Power week felt like we were rushing through.  So much is going on here (seeing friends off, deciding whether to add a particular puppy to our family [yeah, crazy right?], starting school back up in full swing, etc), but I will make every effort to get the post on the next power thought written soon for those of you who are following along.

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