Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In May of this year, my kids joined up with 5 others to form the Under His Wings team and did a fund-raising walkathon for the Pregnancy Resource Centers.  I wrote about it here.  These eight kids raised $5,256.67 and received an award for being the top fundraisers in their age group.  Their prize?  A trip to Bullwinkles Family Fun Center!  Woo hoo!  And they got to take their parents along too, and let me tell you, we all had a GREAT time together last Tuesday when we enjoyed an all day Extreme Day Pass.  

Today will be a heavy picture day...

The team enjoying a picnic dinner together...
the 8 kids with a little sister who wasn't old enough to be on the team.

Paul starting out on the rock climbing wall

MJ and Mrs. Nieman on the go-carts

Getting ready to play one of our many games of Lazer Tag

 The whole day was received as a gift, but we felt like we got an extra kiss from God when we discovered our passes worked in the video games area. The arcade was not supposed to be included on the Extreme Pass so we asked the manager about it.  He told us that our cards had somehow been loaded with bonus cash and for us to go have fun using it.  With a thanks to the manager, and a "thank you Jesus" offered up, we proceeded to play, play, play. Here's Bekah and Lizzy showing us how to run this race.

My hubby in the batting cages (which was another area not covered by the Extreme Pass, but we all had plenty of bonus cash to cover it if we wanted to take a swing at it.  My arm was SO SORE the next day because I swung about a hundred times too many, but I sure had a good time...I loved the batting cages!)

Bekah and I before we raced...we loved the go carts too!

MJ on the sky walk being true to her drama-queen-self ;-)

Paul on the bumper boats...he was a mighty good shooter!

 We took a gazillion pictures, but I'll end with this one of the kiddos enjoying their double decker ice cream cones.  It was a sweet day of refreshment, laughter, and friendship sharing for our three families.

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