Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Which window do I trust?"

A few days ago, my kids and I were driving along a stretch of road that was bordered on one side by a cliff right up next to our lane, while the view from the opposite window overlooked a river.  One of my daughters was attempting to stare out the cliff-edged window and asked if I was speeding.  Finding it advantageous while driving to focus my attention on the traffic needs of the moment, I was unaware of where she was looking, but I assured her I wasn't speeding and asked her curiously why she asked.  She told me she was watching the cliff zoom by at lightning speed and seemed sure that I must be.  I recommended she look out the opposite window to see if it presented the same speeding feeling (knowing it wouldn't because things in the distance appear to move more slowly than those things up close).  After a moment of thoughtful silence, she questioned..."which window do I trust?"

It always strikes me funny the kinds of opportunities God lops into our laps to share the importance of His trustworthy Word with our kids..."which window do I trust?" led right into a discussion among the whole carload of us about how our eyes will often deceive us and how we need something dependable to rely upon.  In the car, assuming the instrument is functioning correctly, we rely on our speedometer.  In life, we'll be pulled by this, that, and the other thing at different speeds and different directions.  We NEED God's Word to direct us in every way.   If we don't have time for Him, we can be sure we are going too fast and in the wrong direction.  We make time for what we value.  Have you ever heard anyone say "I don't need God, I can take care of myself?"  Do you think this way in any area of your life?  His Word tells us in truth that we cannot make our heart beat a single time...oh, we need Him alright...we are 100% dependent upon God.  Let's freely admit it, humbly depend upon Him, and joyfully travel the road He has us on with His Word as the light that leads us along the way.   Don't trust "windows", trust Jesus...He won't steer us wrong.

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  1. I admit it...I need Him -- desperately!! Thank you Connie for reminding me to slow down. Love you <3

  2. What a lovely heartfelt blog. Thank you I would love your input on my blog if you had time to take a look... I'm just a beginner and any advice is appreciated.

  3. new follower from networked blogs! Have a blessed day!

  4. 'Have you ever heard anyone say "I don't need God, I can take care of myself?" Do you think this way in any area of your life?'

    That would be a major mistake.

    I pray for God's guidance and follow in obedience although not perfectly.