Friday, November 19, 2010

The Marls

Are there people in your life that you love dearly and that you would do whatever you could for?  One such person for me is my niece Leah.  And she must love me too because she is always helping me out (like when I had surgery and she came to live with me for A WEEK to take care of my then two little girls, or like ALL the times she's been there to babysit, or like when I decided to do some garage sales last summer to benefit friends who are adopting and she came over to pitch in ALL DAY LONG, etc.).  This is Leah (to the right of myself and my daughter MJ):
and this is her hubby and firstborn son (she's expecting child number two...yeah, yippee, and praise be to God!):
Ryan has a couple of brothers, and one of them (Ken) along with his wife (Amanda) reached the decision to grow their family by adoption recently.  And amazingly enough, before they could really put together a plan, they were chosen by a birthmom (a situation of someone knowing someone) who is due to give birth in late December.  Wow!  That's coming up fast.  There are a lot of hoops to hop between now and then, and in a hurry!

Leah brought Amanda over to my house a couple of weeks ago to brainstorm the to-do list and fund-raising ideas.  We had a blast!  Now I not only love Leah, I love Amanda!  It didn't hurt that Leah had shared her own esteem of her beforehand, but what a joy it was to begin getting to know Amanda for myself.  So what started out as a "do something for Leah" deal proved to be the pathway to a new friendship with built in opportunity to help another fatherless one be grafted into a Christian family...THIS is right up my alley folks!

Meet Ken and Amanda Marl
I'm telling you all this because I KNOW many of my readers live in Oregon and TOMORROW the Marl's will be having a huge indoor garage sale/bake goods/raffly sort of event in Oregon City to help raise funds quickly for their adoption and I want everybody who can to come to it.  Here's a link with the address and more info. 

If you don't live in Oregon or you just can't come, please get acquainted via her new blog, follow their journey and begin to keep them in your prayers.  Thank you to all my bloggy friends!

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