Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday

November is the official "National Adoption Month" and today is "Orphan Sunday", a day for raising orphan awareness in the sphere's of influence God has placed us.  If you know me very well at all, or have read my blog for very long, you know I don't wait for Orphan Sunday to roll around to plead the cause of the fatherless.  But in honor of today, and with prayers asking God to move in the hearts of His people to unite us and equip us to "visit the widow and orphan in their distress," here are a few links I'd like to share with you:

First, I could give you overwhelming statistics or I could point you to an incredibly easy opportunity to make a difference in the life of one child. Let's start easy. For the whole month of November, is featuring the Mayernick family and for every comment left at this link, $2 will be donated to offset the expense of adoption.  PLEASE take a second to leave a comment and spread the word.  You might think $2 isn't worth your time, but look at it this way.  Everyone who reads this times zero is still zero, but if all my readers take less than five minutes of their time to leave a comment, and pass the word, it could multiply amazingly and at the end of the day, you got to play a small part in this story of God's grace.  This is what it means to work do what you can, I do what I can, and together we make a difference in lives that are eternal.

My friend Rachel, gifted with words, captured the heart of the issue better than I ever could here. Do yourself a favor and read what she has to say.

Next, my friend Erica beat me to writing what I wanted to write about simple ways we can help and did a fabulous job as she so often does, so I'll keep my post short (or at least shorter than it might have been) and send you to hers.

But I can't leave you entirely yet...I've mentioned these families before, a handful of friends of mine who are at various places in the adoption process, friends who love the Lord and want to open their hearts and homes to more children via seems good to mention them again today.  Please pray for these friends of mine, and if the Lord leads you to help them financially to raise what is still needed to complete these adoptions they each mention how that can be done on their respective blogs.
David and Erica Shubin (adoption advocates extraordinaire, and adopting again)
Steve and Angie Shubin (yes, they are related...David and Steve are brothers...they are friends of mine from church and we're so so so excited to see them begin this journey of adoption)
Joe and Rachel Walser (they get to go meet their new 4 year old daughter in Ethiopia THIS MONTH...woo hoo!  Then they will return, Lord willing, in December to bring her home...let's help little Abby get home!)
Jon and Melissa Maser (Melissa is in the process of telling their story on her blog...feel free to pour yourself a cup of coffee and "get to know her" a bit).

True Religion from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

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