Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seventeen Years

Picture a church full of family and friends.  What a day it was!  So many sweet memories.  Mike and I spoke our vows to each other before God and man as we eagerly entered the covenant of marriage.  It has been 17 good, grace-filled years!

I remember standing at the alter overcome by the thought that THIS MAN was REALLY going to marry ME.  Did he know what he was getting himself into?  Nope.  But he understood the vow he made and has been faithful.   Day after day, he prays with and for me; reads the Word of our God with me; provides for me; makes love with me, guards and protects me; laughs with me; dreams with me; cries with me; labors with me; and diligently cares for me in every way (and on top of all that, he's a fantastic father to our three children).  I am not worthy, but I am thankful.  I'm thankful not only to Mike, who I am so very happy to share my life with, but also to the One who holds us together and is always drawing us closer to Himself. 
Here are some quotes I like that ring true on marriage from Paul David Tripp's book, What did you Expect?...we are humbled by God's grace in our lives and look forward to serving Him joyfully as our King for the remainder of our days.

"If marriage is a flawed person living with a flawed person in a fallen world, and if the war for control of our hearts still rages, then we cannot and must not quit seeking God's help for our marriage.  This side of heaven there is nothing more important for our marriage than to pray without ceasing.  There is never a moment in our marriage when we are not in need of the rescuing, enabling, delivering grace of the Redeemer. There is never a moment when we do not need His wisdom, strength, and forgiveness. There is never a time when we have grown up enough that we no longer need His mercy.  This side of heaven we will never graduate from the school of grace."  pg 249

 "It is only a God of love who will ever be able to change a fundamentally self-oriented, impatient, demanding human being into a person who not only desires to love but actually does it.  There is a word for this in the Bible -- grace."  pg 258

"Real unity begins when a husband and wife quit trying to be sovereign over their lives.  Real unity begins when a husband and wife quit trying to set the agenda for their marriage and begin, in practical everyday ways, to pursue God's agenda together.  Real marital unity begins when a husband and wife quit being kings and begin to willingly and joyfully submit to the plans, purposes, and call of the same King. The more each one individually loves and serves the King of kings, the more they will be drawn together, sharing one dream and its practical implications for their everyday life together.  Prayer reminds you of a King greater than you and a kingdom better than your own." pg 260


  1. Nice post, Connie. Thank you. The last paragraph is wonderful.

  2. Hi Candid Connie! Thank you for the blessing of your friendship. Happy Anniversary to you two!! Thank you for your example!

  3. happy anniversary my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day .

  4. Thanks for being an example for us all!

    I hope you have/or will have a chance to do something fun together!

  5. Congratulations to You and Mike!
    And may the Lord grant you many more years together!

  6. Happy Anniversary my friends!!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend away!