Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The body of Christ "visiting" orphans

We have three sets of friends, Christian families, who are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia (more than that actually, but here are three):

  • Tim and Heidi Brown live nearby and are moving quickly up the waiting list...they have one young home grown child and are hoping, by God's grace, to graft a fatherless one into their family.   
  • Joseph and Rachel Walser live in Florida. They have four homegrown kids and a heart for sharing Jesus daily with a little one from Ethiopia.  Joseph is the lead church planter of Lifebridge Church, which is where Dave and Erica Shubin go to church (for those of you who know the Shubins).  Rachel has been chronicling their adoption journey at  Walser Adoption Adventures.
  • Josh and Christy Waulk also live in Florida and are highly involved at Lifebridge Church.  They have one homegrown child and would love to add to their number via adoption. They've just begun the process and you can follow their story at Waulk to Ethiopia.
We want to invite you to join us in praying for them, giving if you're able to help with the expenses, and any other way the Lord may lead you.  I know some of you have been setting some money aside with the hopes of helping us adopt again...bless you!

Here are three wonderful opportunities, among others you may know about already, to "visit orphans."

The Walsers and Waulks have PayPal Donation buttons on their blogs, and I'm confident they would heartily welcome your interaction/encouragements.  Heidi doesn't have a blog set up, but I see her regularly if you'd like me to pass funds and/or notes of encouragement through me to her.

Now you have a choice to make...
will you do something?