Monday, July 11, 2011

sweet blueberries and a very good day

I was thinking this morning about my family (while weeding the garden) and how I so want us to be like a fruitful garden for the glory of God.  I had just picked a handful of blueberries and gobbled down their pure sweetness.  The strawberries are producing, the zucchini are getting ready to explode, and more yummy things are in process.  I have often thought about the weeding side of gardening and how it pictures our need to pull things like bitterness and anger and hurt and distrust out by the root in our lives.  But today, as I nibbled on tasty blueberries and enjoyed a bit of the harvest, I thought about how I got to do that because there was a day that I planted something good, and God blessed it.  I shared my thoughts with my kiddos at breakfast and we agreed to deliberately look for opportunities to plant blessings in each others lives, to plant words of kindness and encouragement, to look for ways we can take initiative to ease burdens as we become aware of them if we have the ability to do so.  The Lord has graciously blessed our efforts and it's been a really GOOD day! 

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