Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Our pastor preached this past Lord's Day a wonderful sermon titled "And You Shall Not Steal".  In it, he talked about how we ought to desire wealth/property (but not in the "prosperity-gospel-so-we-can-go-on-living-selfishly" sort of fashion).  You can listen to it HERE.

Tonight, I finished reading a book that a friend gave me recently, and in it the author emphasized the importance of what she called "prosperity with a purpose." It isn't wrong to want property and wealth in and of itself...seeking prosperity for the sake of unrestrained selfishness or via ungodly means is wrong, but wealth is desirable to equip you to lovingly meet the needs of others.

Sandwiched in between that double-witnessed message, we got the exciting word earlier today that our friends, Jon and Melissa Maser (who are in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia) got their court date.  Caleb, the little fellow they want to adopt, is now 10 months old and stinkin' cute (I cannot post a picture until they've passed court, but I've seen some pics and cannot wait to be among those who get to smooch his sweet chubby cheeks).  In just 16 days they have been given permission to board a plane and be on their way to meet him for the first time.  God has provided each step of the process as various fees are needed, always giving His people the privilege of being part of this amazing story He is writing into their lives, and the life of this little boy who soon will know the love of a family all his own.  I'm excited to see how He will provide once more as a few thousand dollars are still needed in order to purchase the plane tickets.  We are doing what we can, thankful that we have so that we can give.

I'm letting you know of the need so you can join me in praying for them to trust the One who provides us with all we need to follow where He leads us.  Having been there/done that, so to speak, I know the temptations to anxiety.  I'm also letting you know in case the Lord lays it on your heart to play a part financially.  You can make a donation of any size by visiting their blog and making use of their Paypal button (or you can email Melissa at masermel@yahoo.com to find out other methods if another method is preferable to you).  Rachel and Erica have written posts about this too and are doing an Ipad giveaway for those who make donations...see either of their posts to see the details of how to enter...they are also friends of mine and I assure you this is not a scam...they will pass all funds on to the Masers.  Both of their families also adopted from Ethiopia recently and they are excited to help one more orphan lose that status and gain a family who will love him and raise him up to love & serve Jesus.  I'm excited to help too.  If you are as well, please do what you can in the arena's of praying, giving and spreading the word.

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