Wednesday, July 13, 2011

People of a Second Chance

Q ideas is an internet site that provides a number of videos and materials under the heading "Ideas for the Common Good."  I was introduced last week via a video that two of my pastors posted a link to (well worth watching, you can find the 12 minute presentation on the church's role in ending extreme poverty here).  But after watching THAT video, I hunted around to see what the OTHER "Q talks" looked interesting and stumbled upon an 18 minute interview called "People of a Second Chance" with Ted and Gayle Haggard.  Wow! [updated 3/31/2015...the link to this interview has been changed and also renamed "Embracing Grace".]

Maybe the name Ted Haggard and "Wow" don't seem like they should go together in your mind...maybe the sins of his past have left a bad taste in your mouth and you've written him off as a public figure who has fallen irrevocably from God's good grace. 

For me, it's a beautiful story of a couple that is working together (repenting and forgiving) as they press on to lay hold of Christ Jesus and all that He has laid hold of for them. It's a wonderful part two to the post I wrote yesterday.  They both know they have things behind them to lay aside, to forget from different angles as they give themselves to seek Christ individually and as a couple.  It convicted me, and at the same time the words of grace spoken so clearly by Ted and Gayle encouraged me to want to be among those who repent of my own sins, forgive others of theirs, and move forward in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you can make the time, watch the video...I'm hoping that the message is taken to heart by us all for the glory of our God.

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  1. its all grace and mercy isnt it? Both given and received.