Monday, October 11, 2010

Spreadin' some news

Later today we will draw the name of the winner for The One Factor...what fun it has been to see the interest in this book.  Stay tuned. 

One of the families that our family is walking alongside in their course of adopting a second time is the David and Erica Shubin Family.  They live in Florida, and we live in Oregon, but 3,000 miles doesn't keep us from being in regular communication.  I go to church with a good portion of David's family...the connection goes way back, but a couple of years ago when Erica brought her kiddos to our church's family camp, we shifted from being mere acquaintances to forging a friendship that has grown and blossomed.   I love these peeps.  They are now officially a waiting family (woo hoo!).   Recently they got some good news  and I want to help spread it...

Erica, in her own words: "we received incredible news that we were approved for a matching grant. This grant was given through The James Fund in cooperation with Lifesong for orphans! Both amazing ministries providing grants to offset fees to unite families through adoption. We are in humble awe of our King and His gracious provision. In order to receive the matching funds we are asked to send support letters out in which donors are asked to send the funds through LifeSong who will then disburse them to our agency. We're working on this now. We have until November 9th to raise $3,000 in order to have it matched for a total of $6,000! This will complete our referral fee needs and put us a bit over towards the remaining $10,000 needed for our two trip travel expenses to pick up our little girl. Isn't that amazing?! God has provided just over $11,000 towards our adoption in the last five months. A huge amount. That's my King. He is faithful. We're humbled, grateful, and blessed beyond measure.

If you would like to be apart of this incredible provision doubling any donation we are adding an online donation link to our blog that will direct you to Lifesong and their paypal link - you can make online donations, noting your preference for our adoption by adding Shubin #1512 to your paypal payment or you can mail (write in the memo Shubin #1512) your donation to:
      Lifesong for Orphans
      PO Box 40 / 202 N. Ford St
      Gridley, IL 61744
(all donations are tax deductible whether made online or by mail)"

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  1. Wow friend. What a sweet surprise to see this when I clicked on your blog this morning. I'm trying to be a bit better about catching up with my friends. Its been a whirlwind past few weeks. Much love to you, THANK YOU for partnering with us, loving us, and our precious daughter. I can't wait to kiss her sweet face and whisper in her ear just how loved she is by SO man. Love you.