Monday, October 18, 2010


Fall has definitely arrived...the mornings have a chill, the leaves are changing colors, and darkness is lingering longer.  Doesn't that mean it is time to curl up with some good books?  The girls in our family seem to think so, but one of us has taken a new position for reading...I walked around the corner the other day to find my oldest daughter reading like this:
I'm happy to report that she has decided 
this is not her favorite way to read a book 
after having tried it, 
but I was glad for the laugh it gave me 
and the opportunity to record it for posterity ;-).

Recently we had the privilege of having this extra little guy hang out with us for 4 days/3 nights while his Mama recovered from a surgery...he is a terrific two year old and we had so much fun having him here with us.

We have been studying "flying creatures" in science this year, using the Young Explorer series by Apologia (which we are loving!).  Going back a bit, here are a couple of pics of us setting our butterflies free.  What a fun experience that was to watch the caterpillars transform into provided many opportunities for us to talk about our own metamorphosis as God transforms us too.  We had two of our neighbor girls over, flanking my three in the middle.


One of the things we like to do here is make our own pepperoni and beef jerky using a food dehydrator.  Here, Paul is showing us how to use the "gun" to make pepperoni is pretty darn easy!  
Less than a day later, the kids can be wearing 'em as mustaches, smoking them or nibbling away...the fun just never seems to end (yes, we have an extra in the pic again...the pink-panted girl is our neighbor friend who considers our house her other house...she's a welcome addition whenever she is here).
Have a great day LIVING the life God has given you, sharing your joys and resources with those He puts in your path, building community, loving others, and making much of the sweet mercies of God.


  1. A delightful peek into your household, my friend!

  2. So fun! I'm impressed by the pepperoni making!! Also loving the shirt Miss Melita is sporting!