Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Waves obey Him

Licorice spice tea to sip.  The sweet aroma of a glowing ginger pumpkin candle filling the room.  I sit next to 10 feet of window looking out over the Pacific ocean feeling unspeakably happy.  The roar of its crashing waves speak to me of my Father who says "this far you may come, and no farther."  The waves obey Him. 

In my last post I mentioned friends, the Masers.  It has been four months since they last held Caleb.  Four months since the courts declared Caleb to be a Maser.  Four months of waiting for the waves of paperwork to reach their resting place on the shoreline. Yesterday God made it clear that this paperwork trial could only come this far and no farther...they're cleared and tomorrow they leave to go to Ethiopia to bring their son HOME.  Yes, the waves (literally and figuratively) obey Him.

You can read Melissa's own words here: falling-on-my-knees.

Jonathan and Melissa Maser and family...we are rejoicing with you over what God has done and will continue to do!


  1. There is comfort in knowing that even the winds and waves obey Him. The waves, storms, can come this far and no farther, by order of the Master. Beautiful thoughts, Connie!

  2. Oh Connie, this gave my goose bumps! What a mighty God we serve!!! Beyond thankful that the Lord has brought you into our lives. We love you and can not wait for you to meet Caleb!