Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Paul

Last night I kissed my four year old son goodbye, and am looking forward to welcoming my 5 year old to a new day within the hour.  Today is Paul's birthday and I welcome you to rejoice with us as you go through your day, giving thanks to our Father who sets the solitary into families.  We are so glad He set Paul into ours!

Through the brief number of his years so far:

Year 2,

Year 3, playing with the gift Legos he'd opened earlier in the day:

Year 4, the year he REALLY got into weapons, and learned better how to protect the women in his life from "the bad guys":

And since today IS his birthday and he is still sleeping,
I don't have this year's pictures,
but here are a few we took recently at Bauman Farms:

I am off to finish preparing his banner which was printing while I wrote to you ...he'll be awake soon.
Yeah, let the celebrations begin!

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