Saturday, April 21, 2012


When my girls were far younger, one of the silly books we liked to read from the library was called The Can-Do Pigs.  We all enjoyed that these pigs made no excuses...they just figured out how to get the job done.  They, after all, were the amazing "can do" pigs. 

Well we're not pigs, but I welcome their fictionalized can-do influence showing up years later.  I enjoy seeing my children look for ways to overcome.  Yesterday we met for Latin class in tighter quarters than we usually do.  Was there any complaining?  Nope!  All the kids that meet up for our Friday school just rolled with it.  I love that!  Then mid-way through Latin we decided to do our 5 minute Korean gymnastics routine, again in a tight space, and again no complaint, just energized bodies in motion.  In fact, we started talking about the Can-Do Pig story and how if we just modify an exercise or two, we can still do it.  And we did.  We could have made excuses like "there isn't enough room."  We could have whined throughout the day about how many people were trying to do school in a little house.  But God is at work.  We are HIS workmanship.  And as we gave thanks to Him for a place to meet and the opportunity to learn, He continued to make us into can-do kind of people. 

My kids are great examples to me of looking for what we CAN do.  For example, we're not rolling in extra moolah at our house and yet we want so much to help Christians be able to afford to adopt.  It has been my kids that have been the big brain-stormers...thinking of how we CAN host or help with garage sales, we CAN arrange a fund-raising candle party, we CAN collect pop cans, we CAN communicate encouragements along the way, we CAN CAN CAN do lots of little things.

I told you last time about my trip to Florida.  I totally would have never thought that trip was possible, but God made a way.  He is definitely a CAN DO GOD!  He opens the doors He asks us to walk through.  But we need to listen to Him and be willing to trust Him, to take the steps towards those doors that perhaps look closed. 

Our oldest daughter suggested awhile back that we go visit our friends, the Niemans, in South Korea.  I've never been out of the country.  Ever.  My first response was NOT "can do."  But after many conversations and prayers, we have decided that for MANY reasons, we would really like to try to make that trip next year. That seems HUGE to me. The thought of going as a family simultaneously frightens and excites me.  God is stretching me, and I am so very thankful.  I have played life very safe, sitting on the side lines far too long.  He's called me and my family to be in the game.  We really are HIS workmanship and He tells us He has created us for good works.  Where's the mission?  What does He want us to be doing?  Let's live this life to the fullest, trusting Him and following wherever He leads.  If He is leading us to visit S. Korea as part of our mission, let us donne the trust hat and go. We know that if God has this for us, He is able to open all the doors.  As God enables, we'll keep walking in that direction.  We want to be in the game.  We want to be can-do people.


  1. Oh, I'll be your prayer partner in this! What a wonderful idea!

    1. Thanks Barbara...I will probably be needing to glean from some of your travel experience :-)