Thursday, March 17, 2011

All in a day...

A couple of days ago, we were just enjoying a regular ole ordinary kind of day...working on schoolwork, doing chores, you know, the "normal."  Melita grabbed the camera and took a picture of Paul reading to me:

What fun it is to watch my youngest begin to read "for real" after many months of working on laying the foundation!  He is growing in his abilities every day.  Isn't it absolutely amazing how much a little one learns in just a few short years?

Later that day, Melita was working on a portrait.  My girls went to an art camp this past summer for four days and discovered they really liked portraits. We asked a very talented young artist at our church (who happens to specialize in portraits) if she would be willing to teach my girls.  She graciously agreed (thank you Kerilynn), and every two weeks the girls are itching for their next lesson!  They blow me away with how much they have learned in such a short was my turn to grab the camera:
When I walked into the next room, I happened upon Bekah sitting on the floor sewing...she loves to figure out how to create things with just about any medium, but this round she picked some material from a tote of scraps we have to make a doll pillow.  

I love the privilege of being home with my kids, a privilege I know not all women share.  I am very grateful!  Of course there are challenges, but God's grace always proves sufficient and the joys are incredible as I watch these three wonders of God's creation, made in His image, learning and creating and giving and praising and growing into such lovely young people.  

I wasn't going to include this at first, but the kids laughed so hard at this little video that we made and they thought I should share it with you so you could have a good laugh too.  Here's the of our dear Florida friends, affectionately known as Mrs. B, called us one day to tell us her famous duck joke (well, she's maybe not famous, but she's well known for this joke in her circle of friends).  Melita and I were out running errands yesterday and we came home to discover Paul and Bekah had been having fun acting this out.  They wanted to show us, and immediately I knew I needed to grab the camera once more (so I could share it with Mrs. B, of course!).  Laugh away...we do every time we watch it:

All in a day, or two,

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