Monday, February 7, 2011

Into the Mud - a giveaway

Hello friends in Blog-ville,
Have any of you heard of the book Into the Mud by Christine Jeske?  One of my nephews bought me a copy for Christmas (thanks Chase!), and I devoured it with delight before the New Year dawned.  It is a book filled with true stories of Africa...the people of South Africa in particular, their lives, and God at work in their midst.  I laughed, cried, pondered, learned, and was encouraged in so many ways.  

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I bought another copy to give away here.  Want to know how to get into the drawing?  Here's the scoop:
1. Become a follower of this blog (if you are not already).
2. Tell me you'd like to be in the drawing (you can email me, FB me, or leave a comment below).
You're in. It is THAT easy!

To get your name in the bucket more than once, you can:

*  Help spread the word on Facebook. For each DAY that you do it (and you let me know you did), you get an entry.
*  Blog about our giveaway (This will get you 3 more entrees...again, let me know that you did this)...If I'm not a follower of yours yet, please let me know your link so I can check out your blog.  Thanks.

We will aim to pick the winner on Feb. 21st so you have two weeks to get your name in the bucket.