Monday, November 23, 2009

dishes and fellowship

My beautiful 7 year old daughter Rebekah came into the kitchen while I was doing dishes and asked if she could help.  "Sure", said I.  She grabbed a towel and started drying the dishes and we chatted away about all kinds of things while we worked together.  When we were done, she cheerfully said "Mommy, I like helping you because when I do, we get to talk."  What a delight to me she is.

How is that for a simple, but beautiful illustration of the spirit of adoption?...glad to be part of the family, jumping into whatever I'm doing so we can share each others company.  That is the kind of heart I want to have more and more in relationship with God...jumping into His mission, serving and sharing His company.   One day I want to hear "well done"...therefore, I'm off to live today, if the Lord gives me breath for another day, doing all that He puts into my hand to do, by His grace and in His presence.

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